Erotic photo / Call to Olga

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What is this models full name?

Neal W. Syrette
She has very natural beauty doesn't she?

I really like these photos. They almost instill a sort of fervent desire within a person; a sincere longing through shape and form.

All within her slight smile, the enticing capture of innocence...

A great silhouette of colour...

I'd really love to see more sets with this model.

Just A. Helper
Her name's Olga Kobzar

The Dude
God, I love Olgas freckles :) It would be nice, if she'd be looking in the cam next time and play with it a little bit more. Just a thought ;)

Все фото легко можно слить :D

Your photographs are amazing. The light, the clothing and props. The locations. The look and attitude of the girls. Very talented in all areas. Congratulations.

Olga kobzar number 14

I love her look
She's so amazingly attractive. That's my dream woman. I can't stop looking at her photos. Thank you and "God" bless you:- you're so beautiful!!!!

Ah women, what would guys do without you. Have to give a big round of applause to Alisa and her vision.
The colors in the pictures making already attractive young women even more appealing. The picture captures it all: the beauty of the girls, their sensuality, the innocence and yet their sexuality. Makes you fantasize.

I've been blessed to meet some amazing girls over time and always wished to try some erotic photos at certain stages. This website helped me make up my mind and will definitely try it :) Hope I won't get slapped when proposing it. :P

One question Alisa: Have you ever been on the other side of the photo lens, were you ever the model?

Happy Holidays!

Alisa Verner
Anonymous, ну конечно же можно, только нет особого смысла заморачиваться. ведь эти фотографии в таком же разрешении, что и те, что я выкладываю в своей группе в контакте :) гораздо проще сохранить их оттуда)

Alisa Verner
when I bought the first camera, I started taking pictures of themselves with a remote control ) I myself was my first model :) but I do not like it when someone else is photographed me, I want to control the whole process

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